Friday, May 11, 2012

A Potpourri of Issues

A potpourri of Issues, Minor and not so much. Tibor R. Machan Justice Kennedy's observation that the mandate changes the relationship between government and the individual is doubtful since there really are quite a lot of actions that citizens are forced to take, like it or not. Jury duty, for one; sending one's kids to school, for another; submitting to TSA searches if one wants to utilize air traffic, for yet another. And, of course, there is a yearly visit to the USPS to mail off the funds the IRS extorts from the citizenry! Still, yet another step in this direction needs to be seriously resisted. Slippery slopes need not be succumbed to; freedom is too precious to lose because of a history of sloppy judicial reasoning. It's time to take a stand even if precedence makes it look unreasonable. “First priority” is redundant since priority means first “the reason is because/that” “different than/from” “lie versus lay down” “people that/who” “A neighborhood of working people” refers to what kind of neighborhood exactly? Some more language mangling: the use of "a couple..." not completed with "of"; Thus, I read: "...a couple examples..." This one is on the rise.

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