Thursday, May 23, 2013

Barbaric Conduct in London

Barbaric Conduct in London

Tibor R. Machan

The apparent murderer in London declared on a video that "The only reasons we killed this man ... is because Muslims are dying daily," he said in video aired by CNN affiliate ITN.  

Of course, this is a dodge, once again: “we” didn’t kill this man. The guy with the bloody hands and cleaver did that.  And there was every reason to think this was barbaric: no trial, no evidence, no due process, no defense mounted, nothing.  It is in the jungle where matters are handled like they were in London this time.  That others carry on comparably is no excuse.

The mere fact that the apparent killer--and he admitted to being the one--spoke reasonably clear English doesn’t make this any less barbaric.  After all, many vicious murderers are well enough educated.  Nor is it any excuse that “Muslims are dying daily.” People are dying daily everywhere but none of that justifies going out and butchering other people.  

And please don’t give me that ridiculous excuse of “blow-back.” That metaphor is absurd.  We aren’t talking about the weather! We are witnessing an out of control young man lash out in a most uncivilized fashion.There is no excuse for that.  If you cannot bring those you are charging with murder to justice, you need to stand down, not go crazy with a cleaver.  You need to insist on handling the situation in accordance with principles of justice.  Oh, I guess this was wild justice.  But that’s no justice at all unless nothing else is possible.  But in London if you know of a crime and work hard to bring a culprit to justice, it may take some time and patience but that what amounts to being civilized.  (Just consider how long many who are accused of a crime linger in prison or jail!)