Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Phony Intimacy

Phony Intimacy

Tibor R. Machan

Mrs. Obama was praised for reporting in her speech at the Democratic National Convention that President Obama takes his mission to be a personal one, that he treats the citizenry intimately, attending to the private problems of citizens.

Actually it is a bad thing that Mr. Obama treats his role as president of the USA as a personal one. It is not. He is supposed to be guarding the basic public ideas and ideals of the country and not attend to people's personal affairs.

Personalizing politics is the road to totalitarianism--it tends to make one into a micro-manager of everyone's life in the country. Not only is that a futile effort but it is utterly insulting to the citizenry, as if we couldn't deal with our challenges without the president's meddling in our affairs. It leads to the strong arm policies of a Stalin, the practices of police states in which the government takes the role of micro-managing the country’s population. That is the way of the police as bully, not as peacekeeper.

The American Founders understood that a free country isn't the laboratory of master politicians--czars, monarchs, Caesars, etc.

Obama doesn't get, or more likely doesn't like, it!